The Artscape Curatorial Mentorship Program was created to provide an opportunity for community members to learn the art of curation – the hanging and handling t of artwork, exhibition design, liaising with artists and exhibition adminstration.

Vision / Goals

  • create an educational experience for mentorship participants
  • groom the next generation of curators in our community

  • provide participants hands-on work experience in curatorial practices
  • foster and ensure the quality of artistic and curatorial integrity in Artscape exhibitions


2016 / 2017 Artscape Curatorial Intern: Nicole Young


Nicole Young is a Kelowna based artist who creates abstract paintings and collages. She received her BFA in painting and art history from UBCO in 2015, and spent a year studying fine arts at UCLA. Nicole works primarily with acrylic paint and collaged textiles, using her background in the fashion industry as an influence to help her develop unique colour schemes and material choices. In 2016 she co-founded a fashion brand called Young Denham, creating hand painted one of a kind denim jackets. She is currently completing a curatorial internship with the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan. Her current works are narrative in nature, focusing on the documentation of people and moments using non-traditional materials.

Artscape Curatorial Mentorship Program Objectives / Tasks

In the Artscape Curatorial Mentorship Participants will:

At the conclusion of the one year term, participants will receive a certificate of completion, as well as a letter of recognition for their work and the level of education they have achieved in curatorial practices.


Keys to our Success