Other Programs

The Arts Council of the Central Okanagan believes that the arts are the soul of every community and make a significant contribution to their social, physical, and economic well-being. Committed to providing on-going support to the development of the arts in the Central Okanagan, ARTSCO continues to advocate community arts education and arts awareness by providing and supporting artistic programming , events and opportunities.

ARTSCO’s diverse programming addresses a wide variety of interest areas, which include: children, youth groups, students, families, businesses, and educational institutions. ARTSCO’s community programs and events span all art forms, such as visual, literary, performing, and music.


Number of people that are targeted: approx. 345,000   

Number of people that will participate: approx. 2,175 per annum

Number of people that will benefit from programming and the services it provides: approx. 345,206 

Advocacy Programming and Events

  • Provide exciting opportunities for exploration, participation and enjoyment for all ages and all levels of art and cultural knowledge and experiences.
  • Encourage artists to present new and original creations, to share cultural diversity through artistic expression, and to celebrate global artistic contributions through performance, education and display.
  • Honour our cultural heritage through the sharing of indigenous values and philosophies.
  • Increasing access to the arts and awareness of our community’s cultural diversity while providing sustainability to our local arts organizations.

Artscape/Mad Hatter/Random Art Festival

  • Provides an educational experience, which helps to foster an interest in the artistic process and the place it has in all our lives.
  • Helps to fill a serious gap in the education of how lives are enriched though the knowledge and awareness of the arts.
  • Promote recognition that all the arts are a significant component of our region and our society, and contribute to the public awareness about the quality and diversity of all art created in our communities.

Honour in the Arts/Bursaries

  • Recognize individual students for their outstanding achievement in the arts.
  • Provide financial support to further education in the arts.

Honour in the Arts/Certificates/Civic Awards/Okanagan Arts Awards

  • Serve to underline the importance of the arts to the people and communities in the Okanagan.
  • Recognize individuals and groups for their outstanding achievement in the arts; for their significant contribution to the arts; or to their noteworthy support of the arts.
  • Encourage those who are instrumental in ensuring the arts survive and thrive in the Okanagan Valley.