Scholarship Program

Every year Artsco gives out a pair of scholarships through the Central Okanagan Bursary & Scholarship Society (COBSS). This year, we are profiling the pair of successful applicants after interviewing them at the RCA.

Abby Thompson


Abby Thompson, winner of one of ARTSCO’S two COBSS scholarships, is a 2016 graduate from Kelowna Secondary School. She has always been passionate about the arts, being heavily involved in visual arts for many years. Her creative drawings, paintings and projects were polished through practice at school with the help of Tim Maher, her Art 11, 12 and 12 Honours teacher. She enjoyed the opportunity of making many diverse pieces of differing styles while getting a few of her favorite projects featured as student work in the Kelowna Art Gallery. In the spring of 2015, Abby participated in the Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association Cross Canada Writing Contest, where she painted a picture and wrote a short piece to accompany it. As a result, she achieved a shared second place with another contestant. In her free time, Abby also enjoys volunteering with her church three days a week and one week every summer in a day camp. Abby is excited to pursue more studies in the field of General Arts at Okanagan College this fall to further her creative passions for art and volunteering.

Previous COBBS Winners


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Andrea Mattson (KLO)

Andrea Pearson (KSS)

Lindsay Cooper (KSS)

Lisa Paynter (KSS)

Suzanne Johnson (KSS) [Unclaimed]

Shawn Talbot (KSS) [Unclaimed]

Alma Androvic (RSS)

Lindsay Favell (RSS)

Heather O’Hare (OKM)

Sarah Numada (SVS)


Steven Bedard (OKM)

Sally Midtal (KSS)

Noah Evans (KSS)

Elizabeth Wocks (KSS)

Halle Stephens (KSS)

Michael Shannon (OKM)

Lisa Soderberg (RSS)

Nathan Lester (RSS)

Jocelyn Carlson (MBS)

John Beales (OKM)

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