ARTSCAPE – Exhibition Program

In existence since 1995

The Arts Council administers the Artscape program in the Central Okanagan to provide local professional and emerging artists with special exhibitions, high profile showcase locations, and marketing opportunities. Showcase Venues are open year-round, and participants include families, students, art supporters, and artists.

  • The Artscape youth component provides opportunities for young people to gain valuable knowledge by working with skilled artists.
  • The Artscape program also provides opportunities for the public to experience visual artwork in accessible community settings.

There are currently five venues that feature a different artist every 3 – 4  months, including: Kelowna Main Library, Kelowna Community Theatre, Cottonwoods Extended Care Centre, Kelowna Mission Library, and Okanagan College Kelowna Campus Library.

The Artscape program is only available for ARTSCO members and member groups. Click here for more information on how to become a member.

// Call for submissions are currently closed.

We will re-open them in Spring 2017 //




Kyle Zsombor

at Kelowna Tickets

Located in the Orchard Park Mall (near Sear Home Store entrance) – 2271 Harvey Ave, Kelowna

Kyle Zsombor  – Artist Statement

I am from Kelowna and have been exhibiting art work since 2002.  I have earned two university degrees from UBC-O, International Relations and Fine Arts.

I believe that Art is the ultimate version of International Relations, as Art can speak in all languages to any audience at once.

I enjoy currency trading and when the U.S Dollar depreciated around 2008, I thought that the U.S Dollar was so cheap that a Canadian artist could use it as collage material.

My art practice involves using common materials in uncommon ways. In this case, I am chopping real money up into un-spendable pieces instead of using it to buy other things.   

I combine my passion for currency trading, international relations and art into money taxidermy.  Since the art work is actually made of money, I think it’s perfect for a shopping mall.

The four pieces chosen for this exhibition represent nations that have been stirring the political imagination of contemporary civilizations: China, Russia, Britain, and the United States.

See more of my art work at



Lisa Hewitt and Toby Wesenberg

at Aubin & Associates

#203 135 33 Highway E., Kelowna, BC V1X 2A1

Lisa Hewitt – Artist Statement

my ideas and dreams to life. I often wake in the middle of the night to paint, the drive to lay it all on the canvas is immediate. My work is non-representational mised media. Sources of stimulus or inspiration can come from passages I have read, quotes, nature and contemporary artists such as Cody Hooper, Nina Tichava and Christian Hazel. Always utilising quality materials, I approach the blank canvas with random mark making, texture with collage or mediums, and flourishes of colour with acrylics.

Applying layer upon layer of paint and ink, I scratch, scrub and excavate to create a sensual, evocative surface. The final painting will emerge from this. Currently, I am challenging myself with more deliberation, less spontaneity and a slowing down for contemplation. My intention for the viewer is for them to attach their own individual story or perception to the piece. 


Toby Wesenberg – Artist Statement

Colour, texture, emotion and intuition. I make art to express what inspires me, what affects me, and what moves me. It is often a reflection of my life or state of mind, while at other times it is a goal or hope that drives me to strive towards. Making art is largely an intuitive process for me – I got with an idea, a feeling, and some music, and see what evolves. Simply stated, I make art I want to look at, that makes me think or wonder, and often has no clear answer. I also often make art whose textures dare the viewer to touch or invite them into a surreal world where subjectivity rules. I work primarily with acrylics on canvas, sometimes with ink, oil or aqua dispersion, and often with other materials such as fabric, sand, pebbles, tissue, paper, spackle, and other oddball materials or objects that strike me as interesting or beautiful.

View more of my work at and on Instagram @tobywesenberg



Bev Gordon

at the Mission Branch

of the Okanagan Regional Library

4105 Gordon Dr., Kelowna

Bev Gordon moved to the Okanagan in 2000 after studying art in Vancouver .  In her current works, she is focusing on adhering to selecting a dominant hue before begins painting and sticking to it, using only a few colours and a tiny bit of chroma. No matter how much she may want to add a touch of green, a dab of blue, or just a bit of yellow or anything that could possibly help her out of her immediate dilemma, she resists, telling herself to go back to her original choices as they will solve problems far better than picking something out of the hat. She asks herself “What is it that I really want to express?” and “How do I get there?” By focusing on these questions the viewer gets to the answers quicker. Feeling that everything in a painting must cross over the finish line is an errant thought for her. Some things are never meant to come to an end, and it takes careful contemplation to choose what is important and what is not.




Donna Vanderlip

at Kelowna Tickets

Located in the Orchard Park Mall (near Sear Home Store entrance) – 2271 Harvey Ave, Kelowna

Donna Vanderlip  – Artist Statement

Donna Vanderlip is from Oakville, Ontario. She has lived and worked in many parts of the world, including Asia and Europe. She now lives on a beautiful piece of property in Westwold, BC amongst trees and fields.

Currently, Donna is working with clay creating sculptures, murals and hand built vessels. She has been experimenting with different kinds of finishes including glazes, washes, acrylic paint, pit firing and patinas.

In addition to completing courses at the University of Toronto, Donna has had the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops in sculpture and pottery. Donna has taken pottery classes in Macau, China, Toronto School of art and recently completed a sculpture workshop with Gale Woodhouse at the Vernon Community Art Centre. She is a member of the Kamloops Art Council as well as the Vernon Community Potters Club where she continues to participate in activities and classes.

After completing an online course in Collage Techniques through The Museum of Modern Art in New York, Donna hopes to explore integrating college techniques into her work with clay.



Angela Maher, Haley Mepham and Synnove Seidman

at the OC College Library

1000 K.L.O Road, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8

Angela Maher – Artist Statement

Since childhood I have been influenced and inspired by teachers and acquaintances who were artists or connected to the art world in some form or other. Painting, drawing and photography have always been favourite activities and still are today. For many years I painted on silk, being fascinated by this unpredictable medium and the brilliant colours. At the same time I also painted with watercolours and acrylics, moving from a representational style to abstract. Currently, my main focus has turned to painting with acrylics with themes ranging from landscapes to equine art and to pure abstracts. In any medium I use, the important factors for me are: colour, light and movement, aimed at conveying a strong emotional message.

Hayley Mepham – Artist Statement

My artwork is created with the purpose of invoking a desire to break free from the constraints of daily life. Inspired by nature, imagination, emotion or reminiscence, every piece is uniquely crafted to instill thought provoking wonderment and  inner peace. Each creation is different from the last based on not only whatever I find inspirational at that moment, but with attention to the future admirer that awaits it.

Synnove Seidman – Artist Statement

I create to share my joy and wonder, to communicate my deep respect and love for the mystery and beauty of existence. Nature is my cathedral, it is where I find inspiration. I was introduced to painting at an early age and have been holding a paintbrush or pencil in my hand for as long as I can remember. I love colour and light. I was trained classically and did many reproductions of old masters. My past work was mostly portraiture and figurative subject matter in oil. I have an abiding respect for the human form and traditional painting techniques. Since moving to the Okanagan Valley one year ago I have seen a transformation in the scale and style of my work. It has become less representational. I find myself drawn to abstract landscapes and botanical forms. I work in acrylic and oil. My current work is more abstract and dynamic. I paint or draw everyday because it feeds my soul, it nourishes and uplifts me. I want my art to bring beauty and exuberance to you too.

Karen Holland

at Dr. Terry Grover Dental

#205 1626 Ricther St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2M3


Karen Holland – Artist Statement

Maintaining a sense of fluidity is essential to my current work.  I love to work out of the conventional bounds, break the rules, and toy with visual ambiguities.  Spontaneous energy flows in an atmosphere of fewer constraints for me.  At the core, remaining in-the-moment feeds my imagination.

Being in-the-moment also fosters an awareness of challenges faced by people and places in our society.  I am haunted by the depths of despair I see in our human experience, just as I am inspired by our resilience.  I seek to reflect the deep contrasts of hope and anguish I feel through the light and dark contours of my work.

Leaving the comfort zone of purely representational work allows for a more intuitive creativity.  My challenge is to remove judgment or editing during the process, and keep reflection for after a flurry of gestures and paint applications.  Layering one burst of energy over another results in greater depth and vibrancy.  My venture into mixed media and abstract work has opened new exploration for me in the way I approach positive and negative space, shape, line and texture. Imagery in my work is often inspired by the natural world, sometimes as it appears juxtaposed with man-made structures.

Emmy Bouma, Bernice James, Odette Renaud Leuthard, and Tatianna O’Donnell

at the Downtown Library

1380 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A2

trees again


Emmy Bouma – Artist Statement

My paintings have been described as “realistic impressionism,” always searching for beauty in colours. I paint daily, always changing subject matter and using all media to keep a fresh outlook. I especially like to create unique collages.

Born in Belgium, Emmy later lived in Holland for 3 years, where she began her art studies. Emmy moved to Canada in 1951 and continued her interst in art and studied whenever there was an opportunity. She lived in BC until 1961 and in kelowna from 1955-1961. She moved to Ontario and returned to Kelowna in 196. She has travelled extensively in EUrope, the Middle East and the Far East. The influence of these destinations can often be seen in her work.



Bernice James – Artist Statement

While I have dabbled in various forms of creative expression over the years, including drama, photography, collage and oils, the opportunity to explore my inner artist expanded after my move to Kelowna in 2007.   My work now is primarily contemporary or abstract in acrylics and mixed media.  My process has evolved with time and experimentation, enriched through classes with various instructors, interaction with other artists and participation in painting groups and shows. In my journey of discovery, I continue to move to a freer style with less concern about realism.   Increasingly, my work is a study in colour.

Though I enjoy challenging my own assumptions and pushing the boundaries of my skill and technique, my fundamental purpose is to give pleasure to, rather than challenge, those who view my work.  It gives me great joy when, through the process, I am able to connect with those who experience my creations!  The connection completes the circle!


Odette Renaud Leuthard – Artist Statement

I currently work with acrylic paints on stretched canvas and use a
variety of brushes and knives. I also experiment with molding paste to
create different textures. My style would be defined as expressionist
with cubism influence.

I am attracted to bright, vivid colors and strange forms. Each painting
takes a long time to create as the inspiration to paint come from a
unique place, a need to put on canvas a mood, a deep feeling. It is
almost as if the canvas and colours are telling me what to do, and I
never know where the mood will take me. My best work, is created
when I get lost in my painting: the mood, the colours, and shapes and
forms that come to life on the canvas in front of me.”

Tatianna O’Donell – Artist StatementThis series explores the relationship of trees in our threatened wilderness and the ephemeral quality of our own lives.  The trees in this series are painted with the branches and occasionally foliage above ground and the roots below or just above ground. I like to depict the roots – the way they hang on to the rocks of the mountains or twist above the soil. These are symbolic of the roots, which connect us all to our past, and to each other. There is interdependence between man and nature.  This series is a statement about the endangered environment; the diminishing forests; the threatened wilderness.I approach my work intuitively, using sketches and photographs as a basis for my painting. I am interested in interpreting the rhythm and soul of the tree. The spirit of the tree comes with me into my studio and is translated onto the canvas using oil paint. It is an exploration of shape, contour, line and texture. My works make reference to the cycle of birth, death and re-birth in life. Although I explore other themes and work on other series, I find that the Trees and Roots draw me back regularly.

Alison Beaumont and Lynn Stevens

at The Cottonwoods Care Center

2255 Ethel St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2Z9



Alison Beaumont – Artist Statement

I am still establishing my approach and ideas around Photography. I am attracted to the natural environment and a majority of my work is focused on nature and the found. I also am looking to further explore the ideas around photo essays and how they can depict a photo journalistic story or just an element of human existence. I believe in spontaneity and that photography has the ability to capture both the serene and the turbulent, and that these moments can and do have a profound effect on the way we think or react to images.


Lynn Stevens – Artist Statement 

The main focus of my photography is to simply inspire and heal people with beautiful images. From vast landscapes right down to the tiny details of nature, through which we pass by each day to busy to appreciate.

I feel my photography reflects the details of nature that are often overlooked. Photography is my way of showing the world how beautiful it still is, despite all it’s flaws and unhappiness that surrounds us. Stop, look, listen, smell, taste, and feel the world that surrounds you. Live the life you were meant to live. I have taken my time to embrace most of natures purest of designs. My photography is an example of the exquisite beauty that resides beneath our feet. Your task now is to use my images as inspiration and see what you see.

We have so much to give to this world and in return she has so much to give to us. Only when we choose to find one another can we both be seen in our truest form of beauty. Love her and all her beauty that resonates within.

Cynthia Gunsinger

at Kelowna Community Theatre

1375 Water Street, Kelowna


Cynthia Gunsinger – Artist Statement

The spectacular landscapes of the Okanagan Valley have me hooked. Between the mountains, lakes, rivers and valleys, my paintbrush can barely keep up. Using acrylics and loose impressionism, I paint landscapes the way I seem them: vibrant, energetic and in vivid colour.


Alex Ross aka Drawn Alex

at Aubin & Associates

#203 135 33 Highway E., Kelowna, BC V1X 2A1


Alex Ross  – Artist Statement

Alex Ross is a painter who prefers to draw. She was born in Australia, has spent half of her life in Canada, but feels most at home in South Africa. All of the places that Alex has lived have been visually stunning, and this has informed her transition from black and white lines on paper to bold colour blocking acrylic landscapes. She is influenced by the arid climate and angular mountains of the Okanagan Valley. She is happiest when she is creating intricate line drawing portraits. Her work is created more out of compulsion than desire. Alex’s pieces evolve marginally through the process of creating, as her final images have been burning their imprints inside of her until they are finally able to escape onto the paper.


Maria Bayford

at Rutland Okanagan Regional Library Branch

#20 – 301 Hwy. 33 West, Kelowna, BC V1X 1X8


Maria Bayford – Artist Statement

For me Art is about discovery. The million ways in which people can express themselves always mesmerizes me.  Whether it is in painting, writing, acting, decorating or any form of self expression the way ‘they ‘ do it, always seems to take me by surprise. I love the WOW moment !!

I love colour and movement and I find inspiration in everyday moments. Painting allows me to explore,  take risks and be free . Also demands self-control and discipline: Take another brush stroke, slap some more colour when I thought I was done… a dab here,  a line there… or I take a step back … be bold or know when to stop…

I find painting very intuitive, relaxing and all absorbing. I am curious and like to push the envelope. I like to be ‘pulled’ into the painting and let form and colour show me the way. I usually start with an image in my mind of where I want to go… It usually deconstructs itself pretty fast… only to reveal  itself in a totally different way . My WOW moment!!

I like my work to be provocative and nuanced. Let the viewer find their own resonance and interpretation. Your own WOW moment !!

Connie Vetter-Johnson & Nick Gibson

at Aubin & Associates

202 – 125 Highway 33 East Kelowna, BC, V1X 2A1

On display to October 31th, 2016

// Connie Vetter-Johnson’s Artist Statement //

My mosaic journey began 20 years ago working with recycled tile, creating floors, counter tops, and wall murals. I’ve always been drawn to the arts both visual and performing and studied life drawing for a time. I was inspired to explore using glass 11 years ago, when I moved to the beautiful Okanagan, because my father was a stained glass artist and had an abundant supply of beautiful colourful glass shards. As I experimented with glass I found I was able to achieve the detail and realism towards which I have always leaned.

I find stained glass and recycled mirror amazing mediums with which to work. Pieces come alive with any light source and add sparkle and interest to any space. The colours are so vibrant and never fade. Creating soft lines and realism with a rigid material is both challenging and rewarding. All pieces are painstakingly (sometimes literally) hand cut and then individually glued to either MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or wood. The final step involves several layers of un-sanded grout.

I find inspiration in the beauty all around me. I often stop and photograph things I think will translate well into glass. Some of my favorite pieces have been commissions which challenged me to try something I‘ve never done before. Art is an Adventure, Explore!

//  BIO // 

I have creating Mosaic Art for 20+ years. I began with recycled tile, creating floors, counter tops and wall murals. This was during a time when my husband and I lived in a house in Northern California which was being renovated and I was allowed to experiment with abandon. After my husband passed away suddenly in 2003, my children and I relocated to Kelowna, where my parents had retired. My father was a Stained Glass Artist and had beautiful glass of all types available and I decided to explore glass mosaic. Over the next dozen years I created Stained Glass mosaic for friends and family and was even commissioned to create pieces. My experience helped me grow through trial and error, all the while I continued pursuing my career as a Retail Executive. I was most recently employed by Target and had been promoted to a Store Manager when Target decided to pull out of Canada. Since then I have thrown myself into my art. I have grown as an artist and would love to be able to make this my source of income. I am looking for opportunities to show my art and now have an extensive inventory of varied sizes and subject matter.

// Nick Gibson’s Artist Statement //

Nick Gibson, raised in BC, became a hobby artist in 2012 and since has sold many works, has done paintings at local festivals, and has hanged his art in shops around Kelowna. In 2012 Nick started painting vibrant and colourful animals and has now ventured in to geometric paintings, landscapes, people, and intergalactic space paintings and sometimes combining all of these subjects in certain pieces. He is currently sticking with the outer space theme and is planning a solo showing in the near future entitled “space case” so keep your eyeballs peeled for more information on Facebook.


IG: theuniversalartist


Prices: Ms. Universal #38 (Not for sale) Space Bay (Not for sale) Space Face $150 Rupert the Great (Not for sale) Space Mountain $600 Golden Leaves $400 The Crab King’s Offering $700 Don’t Look Up $400 In The Sky With Diamonds $300 The Universal Lion (Print in frame) $75

Angela Maher

at The Cottonwoods Care Center

2255 Ethel St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2Z9

On display to August 30th, 2016

// Artist Statement //

Currently, Angela’a main focus has turned to painting with acrylics ranging from landscapes to equine art and to pure abstracts. In any medium she uses, the important factors for me are: colour, light and movement, aimed at conveying a strong emotional message.

angela-maher-portrait// BIO // 

Angela is essentially a self taught artist, but since childhood she has been influenced and inspired by teachers and acquaintances who were artists or connected to the art world in some form or other.

She lived in Europe until the age of 16, immigrated to Canada in 1968 and returned to Europe in 1974 for studies and later for her profession as an interpreter. Extensive travels to most European countries have given her the opportunity to view and appreciate a broad spectrum of art and architecture.

 Eric Morrison

at Rutland Okanagan Regional Library Branch

#20 – 301 Hwy. 33 West, Kelowna, BC V1X 1X8

On display to August 30th, 2016

// Artist Statement //

Since beginning to paint, I have tried various different styles, but seem to keep reverting to landscapes as my default. I also have gravitated toward stronger colours as I have progressed, which has meant that I have used more acrylic than water- colour recently.

I enjoy travelling and most of my paintings are based on places I have been. Unfortunately I am not particularly organized, so some of the locations are approximate. I must do better in tracking locations in future.

I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings and I would love to hear any comments you might have.

// BIO // 

I am a self taught artist who began to paint in 1993. Considering that I was born in 1951 in Dundee, Scotland, it is obvious that it was not a life-long passion. However since my first attempts, I have been unwavering in my interest and I continue to strive for improvement (if not perfection).

After acquiring a degree in Chemistry, I embarked on a career in the pigment and printing ink industry. Until 2015 I earned my bread and butter developing printing inks for all sorts of packaging applications. Working with colours every day for 35 years has given me a deep rooted understanding of colour which is invaluable in the painting process.


 Joshua Wallace

at Kelowna Community Theatre

1375 Water Street, Kelowna

On display to June 30th, 2016

// Artist Statement //

I paint persons of very subtle emotion, making statements through very little expression. I want the viewer to create their own connection with my paintings, through seeing these subtle expressions. To do that, it’s important I keep my subject, subjective!

I force myself to paint once a day, even if my subject is not greatly interesting. The most important step of starting a painting is simply by putting paint on canvas, then naturally I am taken away by the process. I do lots of smaller works, to practice for a large piece.

I chose to paint people, because I believe it’s hard to look at anything else, and share that kind of connection. Recognizing faces is hardwired into our brains, so when the viewer sees one of my portraits, I want that part of their mind to be stimulated, creating an experience that they’ve encountered someone.

My pieces with heavier emotion lean towards expressing to people, that we wouldn’t be normal without our ups and downs, and to remember we all feel that imbalance of being human.

josh-wallace2// BIO // 

Joshua Wallace is a young self taught artist based in Vernon, BC. He was a part of the inaugural Youth Artist in Residence at the Vernon Community Art Centre. His work has been shown at the Armstrong Art Gallery, Erickson Gallery, Leap Gallery and the Rotary Centre for the Arts. His work is in the collection of the Vernon Art Gallery and private collections in the Okanagan, Nova Scotia and Australia.




Gillian Rau & Students at the downtown Kelowna Okanagan Regional Library

1380 Ellis St, Kelowna

On display to August 30th, 2016

Doug Boyd    •    Yolanda De Villiers   •   Karen Etheridge   •   Darryl Frasier    •   Elaine Frasier   •    Janet Gerber   •   Sheila Heidte   •   Shelley Hewitt    •   Tim Nakashoji   •    Ingrid Sivorot   •   Lillian Sokil   •   Bev Whiting


Gillian Rau’s passion for sharing her love for oil painting, shows in the vibrant and energetic adult groups she teaches in her studio in Kelowna.

Students are always welcomed no matter what painting level they are at. Although many of her students have never painted before, and learn at their own pace, they quickly achieve an intermediate or higher level.

The artists are taught the full techniques of mixing an infinite range of colours from a limited palette, correct brushwork, composition, and perspective, as well as the emotional, technical and intellectual  aspects of the wonderful world of oil painting.

Within a very short period the artists are all able to create their own wonderful  and exciting masterpieces.

Gillian is also an established international artist,who having spent most of her life in sun- soaked Africa, immigrated to Canada in 2010. She now resides in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

Gillian continues her love of oil painting, teaching Art Enhancement programmes for children, as well as running demos, workshops and ongoing classes for adults.

Besides teaching and exhibiting annually at Art Walk, ( which attracts some 7000 visitors) commissions provide the main body of her work.

Her paintings hang in South Africa, USA, Australia, and throughout Canada.


My passion for art stems from my childhood, growing up in the very beautiful Muskoka District of Central Ontario.  Early in life, I developed a great appreciation for the beauty in the natural surroundings of the woods, lakes and rocks of the Canadian Shield.  Our family’s cottage was situated on the eastern shore of Eagle Lake, where we could enjoy the magnificent evening display of the ever-changing colours of the sunset.   Living there, I was constantly in touch with the land, and I developed the eyes to see the beauty and detail of the creation.

While studying architectural technology, I took both a sketching class and an art history class, where I developed an appreciation for the world of visual arts.  While my life’s journey has taken me in different directions, I have always had a desire to be able to paint, but the opportunity to study had not presented itself until June of 2013, when I met Gil Rau.  By the end of that first brief encounter, I had discovered that she taught oil painting lessons and I was eagerly looking forward to my first lesson.

Since that time, I have been studying oil painting with Gil’s assistance.  It has been a joyful adventure to begin to understand the dynamics of design and how the oils respond to the brush and to learn the techniques of painting.  As a part of this journey I have been learning the importance of really seeing the subject, studying the form, line, and colours of the object I am painting.  Since studying with Gil, I have purchased a new camera and have been amazed at the variety of strange pictures that now interest me:  rocks, snails, tree roots, and sand.  I am seeing the world with new eyes. 

At this retirement stage of my life, it has been both exhilarating and satisfying to discover the joy of painting.


I moved to Kelowna as a teenager and have spent most of my life here.  I too have been married for almost fifty years and have three children and six grandchildren.  I retired 12 years ago and started taking art lessons at the request of my wife this January at Gillian Rau Studios. 

Although I have painted a few Bob Ross style pictures while taking various classes, this is the second oil painting I have completed with Gill.  Through this process I have learned a tremendous amount about colour, technique, design and perspective. She is a very talented and highly skilled artist.  She posses a natural ability to share her love of painting and has a great deal of patience with her students of all abilities and encourages each of us along the way.


I was born in Kelowna BC and spent most of my life here.  My husband & I were married in Kelowna and will celebrate our 50th anniversary this year.  We have 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren.  I tried painting because it seemed that everyone I knew in my age group was painting.  I felt if they could do it, why couldn’t I?  I tried acrylic painting through an evening course, and took a few Bob Ross oil painting classes but was left feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with what I was doing.  When I heard of Gillian Rau Studios I decided to give that a try.    It has been a struggle for me with a lot of interruptions in my lessons because of family issues.  Gill is an extremely patient teacher with incredible vision and knowledge and has brought an insight into painting, perspective and the brain eye connection that has been worth every moment of struggle for me. 

My painting is of the ocean along the Oregon Coast.  While I don’t like being on boats or ferries or cruises, the ocean calls to me. 


Shelley Hewitt is a newcomer to oil-painting and started lessons with Gillian Rau in February 2015. She is drawn to colour, working as a  textile designer for many years in Cape Town, South Africa and later  designing wallpaper borders for Ambiance Design in Kelowna.  Fascination with Impressionism is a strong influence in both her  landscape and floral work. Hewitt studied textile design at the Natal Technical College in Durban, South Africa. She immigrated to Kelowna in 1993 with her husband Richard and children Katherine and Robert.


My name is Tim Nakashoji. I have lived in Kelowna since the late 70’s. I work as a  landscaper. Throughout my life from growing up in northern Ontario to  Vancouver Island to the Okanagan, I have always loved art though I never  followed it with any seriousness. I sketched and doodled. The reason for my art  appreciation was my older brother who is an incredible artist with a natural and unique talent. I met Gill Rau a couple of years ago and was impressed with her oil paintings. A year ago I decided to see if I could paint and asked Gill if I could join her class. She accepted me and I started my first painting, which is included in this exhibition; it’s of my older brother, Dave. 


I am a painter based in Kelowna, British Columbia. I began working in oils at a young age, drawn to images of nature. I have explored various media and techniques but have a particular affinity for the style of the impressionists. My choice of subject matter gravitates to hidden passages, pathways and doorways, following the light, drawing me in. Each images evokes a memory…I hope that they do for you as well.

I have studied science, landscape design and teaching. My painting instruction includes programs at the U of A, as well as workshops including Zhaoming Wu, Robert Johnson and Kristy Gordon. I am privileged to now learn from Gillian Rau at her painting atelier.


Ingrid has lived most of her life in Kelowna where she worked as a teacher specializing in Music Education, Learning Assistance and Art.  She has also appeared in local theatre productions as well as appearing in some local films and commercials. Singing is a passion for her.  While she has painted in acrylics and has done some printmaking before, painting in oils is a newly discovered love.  Ingrid thinks Kelowna is one of the loveliest places to live and enjoys the picturesque subject material that Kelowna provides for artists.  This  painting entitled “Kasugai Garden Dreams” is actually her first ever oil painting and she is is grateful to have had the tutelage of her gifted teacher.


As a child, Beverley spent countless happy hours drawing. Not surprisingly, her favorite class at school was art. Although mostly self taught, one fun class specializing in the finer techniques of drawing while at university, added some finesse. Then she began experimenting with water colors and acrylics. After working a year in the corporate world, she sought a more creative job. A few paintings of flowers earned her a coveted position in the textile design industry. Recently, an old friend of those early textile design days, encouraged her to try oils. Gil Rau is proving an amazing teacher and Beverley is loving becoming proficient in this too.


I am a South African born law graduate calling Canada home for the past 12 years.

I have always expressed myself through art and remember as a young girl sitting on my Grandpa’s lap and communicating with him through pictures I would draw on a small chalk board. I never spoke to him during his life time but remember those times of ‘communication’ with fondness.

Today I still love expressing myself through art. I love painting places where I have been and love, things that I have touched that evoke feelings of happiness in me.

As my journey continues I emerge happier and hope you enjoy my work and whatever memories it might stir in you to then become your story.

Kim Glowa

at Dr. Grover & Associates Dental Office

205 – 1626 Richter St, Kelowna

On display to August 30th, 2016

// Artist statement // 

I have always been drawn and enjoy the beauty of things of the past.  My influences are first and foremost everything I see and experience, but I love the qualities of the old world.

I usually do a little planning in advance with the image I want to explore but enjoy learning and working with happy mistakes.  I find the most interesting and wonderful things happen when I allow a mistake to flourish.  Using various mixed media and materials I work with a layered technique that allows my work to take on the feeling of the old world and includes my love of design and texture. 

I want to create work not only for my own joy but it also excites me to be a part of one’s day invoking a thought or memory. Viewer discussions have helped me see how powerful an image can be in escorting you back to a time or place. Each person takes something a little different from the same picture bringing with them things from there past encounters.

// BIO // 

Kim Glowa studied Fine Arts at Okanagan University Collage and continued her studies in the decorative arts in Vancouver BC. Her professional career started with her business It’s A Mystery in 1999, applying paint techniques onto furniture, cabinetry, walls and ceilings. Drawn to design and painting she united her passion and continues to do custom painting in Vernon BC. Most recently she has come to understand the importance of making time for one’s passions and such is applying her love of painting to her fine art. Kim is a mixed media artist drawn to textures and qualities of the old world.


Christine Cloutier

at the Mission Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library

4105 Gordon Dr., Kelowna

On display to August 30th, 2016

// Artist Statement //

I like to paint from my heart, and externalize what I feel inside. This is more than an artistic practice, it is a lifestyle that allows me to connect with my inner being in order to liberate the divine treasures hidden in my heart and share them with those around me..

Often I begin painting on a white canvas or on a background that I have prepared with the colours that inspire me at that particular moment. I use acrylic paints and mediums in order to create texture and an interesting effect. When I paint, I will have an image or words that I hear and which give meaning to what I am painting. This intuitive and spontaneous way of painting demands a certain abandon and confidence with no judgment or restriction of movement.


Bec Gordon & Angela Gmeinweser

at the Okanagan College Kelowna Campus Library

1000 K. L. O. Rd, Kelowna

On display to August 30th, 2016

angela-gmeinweser// Angela Gmeinweser – Artist Statement //

  My introduction to the arts came when I was quite young through my mother.  She was a painter and luckily very liberal with sharing her art supplies, and tolerant of the ensuing messes I created.  That combined with being influenced by my father’s passion for the outdoors formed the beginning of my artistic inspiration. 

I hesitate to tie my artwork to a specific theme because I love to take risks with trying new styles and mediums.  One aspect of my work that is unwavering, however, is I use creativity to reach out to moments that I want to get closer to.  The instances in life that are neither good nor bad, those that exist as unexplained paradoxes are the topics that interest me the most.  I like referencing unusual moments in my artwork because even though I might not be able to explain the feeling they create or their place in the world, I can still acknowledge their existence.

I began working with paints when I was in my teens and followed that passion to the University of Ottawa.  I studied there for a year while enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program, and made one discovery that changed the course of my artistic career.  I was introduced to different wood and metal working techniques and fell in love with sculpture.  Since then, having a balance between creating two and three dimensional work is one of my priorities, and has made me enjoy studio time more than I ever thought possible.

In the following two years I spent a semester at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, and eventually made my way back to the Okanagan.  I currently have a studio in my home in Kelowna, BC, and am excited to join the art community in the valley.  There is something uniquely inspiring about the mountains and the forests here, and it’s something I’m happy to spend countless hours discovering.

// Bev Gordon – Artist Statement //

While living in St Lucia in the Caribbean for the last six months, I decided that everything I painted would reflect the tropical environment in which I was living. So the sample paintings I submitted were of Coco, the grounds keeper of the apartment we were living in, some people who were on a catamaran trip I went on and an abstract of an individual planting trees.

While there, I put many hours aside each week dedicated to painting exercises from any of the three books that I had hauled with me. I focused mostly on colour theory where the exercises encouraged limiting chroma and only applying it in special places of interest. I also put a lot of attention on handling values conscientiously and to my advantage. I often used a limited palette, but since I have left the island I am eager to incorporate more colour, as I feel I have gained enough colour theory knowledge that I could successfully add a hue that would enhance the painting, opposed to wreck it.

Another series of exercises that I did many of was drawing and painting abstract motifs. These are line, mass, texture drawings that get filled in with paint. The whole point of the exercise is to train the eye to know what is needed exactly to make the motif interesting and balanced. Limited palettes with specific values were paramount in these exercises. I have found now that I am not relying so much on accidental successes, but I am confidently applying what I have learned.


jo-ann-jenkinsJo-Ann Jenkins at the downtown Kelowna Okanagan Regional Library

1380 Ellis St, Kelowna

On display to May 17th, 2016

Jo-Ann was born in Manitoba in 1942 but immigrated with her parents as a teenager to Southern California where she eventually studied Business.  After pursuing many successful businesses throughout her lifetime, such as designing childcare centers and establishing an Interior Design firm, her journey eventually brought her back home to Canada where she settled in Kelowna and focused on a career in Finance.  Now retired, Jo-Ann pursues her Art full time and is devoted to advancing her knowledge by attending workshops and enjoys being part of a vibrant creative community.

Jo-Ann is an abstract artist that revels in the freedom and chemistry of mixing various products so that tangible subjects spontaneously appear in her work.  Her purpose is to capture that magical happenstance and is often surprised by what develops.  Her work has been exhibited at the Kelowna Art Gallery and she is currently working on a body of work for various shows in the Okanagan.


Megan Bowers

Megan Bowers

Megan Bowers

at Dr. Grover & Associates Dental Office

205 – 1626 Richter St, Kelowna

On display to May 17th, 2016

//Artist Statement//

Megan Bowers creates and documents flowers & plants and carefully presses them to preserve their delicate shape and colour. Photographing these subjects gives the viewer a chance to stop and recognize something that is often ignored.

Each plant was carefully dried for five days between a press created with ply wood, watercolour paper and cardboard. This method allows the plant to breathe, keeping close to its natural colour. Megan found each plant throughout different areas in Kelowna. She was drawn to these specific plants for their symmetry and bold components.

Megan’s artistic efforts are concerned with finding complexity and beauty in the ordinary and mundane giving each photograph its own unique aesthetic.

FullSizeRender (1)// Artist Bio //

Megan Bowers is a Kelowna based visual artist, crafter and freelance photographer with a diploma in Photography from the Centre for Arts and Technology. Megan’s artistic efforts are concerned with finding complexity and beauty in the ordinary and mundane. Her Interests in photographing nature are influenced by the hustle of daily lives, unable to stop and notice the small details that create our world around us. Photographing these subjects allows her to create a calm feeling that gives the viewer a chance to stop and recognize something that is often ignored.

Follow Megan on facebook  // visit her website –


Danielle Englesby at Kelowna Community Theatre

1375 Water Street, Kelowna

January 14th – April 2nd, 2016

Danielle Englesby is primarily an abstract painter that works in various unconventional medias-combining her eclectic stylization with her love of organic mark-making. Her artistic pursuits originated through a desire to create works that fostered the expression of raw emotion and stimulated a cathartic creative process where a meditative state could be achieved through art-making. As her practice became further refined, her work began to shift from an intrinsic state to incorporating external environmental influences- which resulted in abstract paintings that conveyed communal messages through mood and intensity.

Her recent pieces are a result of investigational research surrounding the interaction of various combinations of man-made and organic materials- keeping in mind the objective of translating the notion of the passage of time associated with ruination. These experiments resulted in the use of industrial paint, spray paint, oil, sawdust, marble, and chalk to create a desired aesthetic effect- an attempt to embody the nature of metal and stone. Weathered walls that have been marked by various people over a prolonged duration of time illustrates the ways in which durable synthetic material reacts to exposure to the natural cycle of decay, while simultaneously acting as documentation of societal history. To highlight this concept, she aims to capture the marks made by these various danielle-installmaterials in a manner that evokes a mood of transient obscurity and connects the viewer to the dark and powerful nature of raw material.

She hopes that these current pieces function as a reminder of how meaning and significance can be found in undesirable aspects of our environment, and how what is over-looked can represent the defining features of a contemporary public.



Bonnie Weber and Colleen J. Dyson at

Okanagan College Kelowna Campus Library

1000 K. L. O. Rd, Kelowna

December – February 29th, 2016

Bonnie Weber and Colleen J. Dyson both come from Kelowna Painters’ Studio Society and specialize in beautiful, detailed landscapes.

Bonnie Weber works out of her home studio in Kelowna BC, she is a self taught artist who has shown in many exhibitions. She finds the beauty of BC to be the inspiration she needs for her acrylic landscapes.

Colleen J. Dyson was born and raised in the heart of the Okanagan Valley and draws her inspiration from this region. She uses a loose black canvas technique to add drama to the painting by exaggerating the lights and darks in the piece. Colleen holds memberships in several art organizations, and heads up a local art group. Her work can be found on numerous online Art Societies as well as in private and corporate collections in Canada.

bonny weber website 


Kelowna Watercolour Guild showcasing at Cottonwoods

November 1, 2015 – February 2nd, 2016

2255 Ethel Street, Kelowna

The Watercolour Guild is a very special group in the Kelowna community. Founded after a group of Kelowna artists attended a watercolour workshop on Salt Spring Island in the 1970’s, they were so inspired by the watercolour medium they formed the Kelowna Watercolour Guild.  The Guild is unique in this respect and thought to be the only such group in Western Canada. Many of the artists featured in the showcase have been members of the group for over 30 years.

The current exhibit is to particularly honour Helen Fosbery, who is a long-standing member of the Guild.  She is a fine watercolourist who has sold paintings throughout the valley. Ten of her prolific works are on display and for sale.

Other artists include Alice Anderson, Karin Arkinstall, Lally Grauer, Helen Fosbery, Marlene Hamilton, Joyce Philpott, Kathleen Reece and Joan Needham.

It is truly an honour for ARTSCO and Artscape to celebrate such an outstanding group of watercolourists in the region who have been working in the medium for many years.

To find out more information or to become a member of the Guild, contact


Mission Painters showcasing at The Kelowna Community Theatre

November 1, 2015 – February 2nd, 2016

1375 Water St, Kelowna, BC 

Mission painters pre-crop

This display is composed of the works of the following artists.

  • Marie Baigent
  • Jaine Buse
  • Jenny Brownjohn
  • Al Davis
  • Michelle Droettboom
  • Joyce Findlay
  • Lorraine Hodges
  • Bernice James
  • Minnie Klashinsky
  • Walter Maier
  • Myrna Nelson
  • Val Newth
  • Wendy Paterson
  • Linda Percival
  • Harjit Sahota
  • Wilma Schellenberger
  • Janice Schwartz
  • Victoria Shipowick
  • Lizzie Sutcliffe
  • Ron Tudhsen
  • Alena Tuma
  • Jiri Tuma
  • Diane Upsdell-Witherly
  • Ken Veale



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